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MPhys (Oxon), Physics

Rosalind Fenwick


Rosalind has been in intellectual property profession since 2006 and qualified as a Chartered Patent Attorney and a European Patent Attorney in 2010.

Rosalind specialises in actively managing growing patent portfolios, steering the course of each one to ensure it provides exclusivity for each client's core technology. She aims to protect the space surrounding her client's technology to avoid third parties side-stepping their IP rights. She also looks to bolster her clients' IP portfolios by securing patents that have industry-wide applicability, which can be key leverage should litigation ensue. Rosalind feeds her experience helping UK-based clients defend against US patent assertions back into her drafting and prosecution practice, thereby generating patents ready to stand up to the scrutiny of litigation.

Investors are increasingly patent savvy, and Rosalind has extensive experience of supporting clients through funding rounds by demonstrating the value of their existing IP and addressing the threats posed by competitors' IP.

Technology areas in which Rosalind has particular experience include robotics, biometrics, medical devices, telecoms networks, and electronics areas such as IC chip and SoC design.


Rosalind has a first class master's degree in Physics from Oxford University.

In 2020, Rosalind won Lexology's Client Choice Award for Patents in the UK. The Client Choice Award recognises excellent client care and an ability to add real value to clients' business above and beyond other players in the market.

2024: “Rosalind Fenwick is always first class.”
2023: “Other key members of the team include Rosalind Fenwick, who focuses on portfolio management… ‘Rosalind Fenwick is admirably client-focused and super-diligent.’”
2020: "Rosalind Renwick excels in organising and managing our portfolio by giving well-thought-through advice during our meetings and remotely, as well as staying on top of things. She fully comprehends the nature of our inventions and how they fit within the landscape. She is extremely bright and that is apparent in the high attention to detail that she is able to apply to all aspects of her work. Rosalind is an excellent patent attorney and has helped us grow our business into what it is today through careful consideration of our intellectual property."

Legal 500

What clients said:
"Rosalind has a phenomenal level of commitment to her clients."
"She grasps the complex technology more quickly than everyone else."
"She clearly focuses on the quality of her patent work without losing sight of the commercial issues."
"Her client's success is her priority."
"She makes the otherwise arduous task of patent drafting seem easy."

Lexology's Client Choice

2023: "Rosalind Fenwick has an eye for strategy. Her tactical portfolio management skills ensure that patents under her watch provide for the exclusivity that her clientele count on for their business and technological success.”

IAM Patent 1000